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Karyomapping is a revolutionary new genetic process offered at the Lister in conjunction with our colleagues at Reprogenetics UK who were the first and only genetic laboratory in the United Kingdom providing the technique.

In keeping with standard PGD it aims to allow couples to avoid passing on a known inherited condition to their offspring. However, if there is another family member affected the increased information this offers, allows us to more easily identify affected embryos.

This has two main advantages over standard PGD:

  1. Karyomapping has the advantage of detecting some types of chromosome abnormality that often affect embryos and cause problems such as miscarriage and Down syndrome, as well as simultaneously revealing embryos affected by the inherited gene mutation.
  2. In most situations, the work up for this is significantly faster and decreases from potentially a few months down to 1-2 weeks in the majority.

The stepwise process is similar to that used for standard PGD with embryos biopsied on Day 5 to maximize the amount of genetic tissue available for testing. Embryos are then cryopreserved and any genetically normal embryos that do not carry the genetic condition transferred in a subsequent frozen transfer cycle.

No screening test is 100% accurate, so following any genetic screening we recommend that patients who become pregnant undergo prenatal testing which will reveal whether the genetic diagnosis was correct, and confirm whether or not the foetus is unaffected by the specific disease or mutation.

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