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Time-lapse imaging (EmbryoScope)

EmbryoScope is the world's most used time-lapse system that allows embryologists to monitor your developing embryos throughout their development.

At the heart of the system is the EmbryoScope incubator which ensures stable incubation while automatically taking images of the developing embryos at defined intervals over the 2-5 days of development. This information is then transferred to computer software for analysis, which can aid embryo selection by providing a rank of embryo development potential.

1: Minimises embryo handling

Conventionally, embryologists are required to remove the culture dish that contains developing embryos from the incubator daily to formally evaluate their development and quality. EmbryoScope is the only time-lapse system with an integrated high stability incubator that minimizes embryo handling by taking regular images of the embryos without disturbing them

2: Potential to improve embryo selection

Alongside standard embryo selection techniques, EmbryoScope may improve the selection of embryos with the highest potential for implantation. Certain markers of embryo development are programmed to occur within specific windows of time and if an embryo achieves these either too quickly or too slowly this may suggest a lower embryo potential.

3: Documentation of development

Full video documentation of your embryo development for future reference.

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