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Surgical investigation


A small telescope is inserted through a tiny 1cm incision inside the umbilicus and a second 1cm incision in the bikini line is used to introduce an instrument to enable the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes to be examined carefully. As well as dye assessment of the tubes, gynaecological laparoscopy also allows a full assessment of the pelvis to look for and treat endometriosis, the presence of any scar tissue (adhesions) around the fallopian tubes or ovaries and some fibroids. This would therefore be recommended to those struggling to conceive who also have gynaecological symptoms suggestive of any of those disorders such as painful periods, painful intercourse of pelvic pain.


A hysteroscopy is a procedure performed under a general anaesthetic where the uterine cavity is assessed by introducing a small (5mm) telescope (hysteroscope) gently through the opening of the cervix. into the uterine cavity. Polyps, fibroids, adhesions can be removed at the same time using a resectoscope.

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