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Three Lister Babies after endometriosis diagnosis

Throughout every treatment there, I felt every single nurse, embryologist, medic and admin staff cared about our outcome.

I have 3 girls; aged 5, 2 and 3 months old, and I have the Lister Fertility Clinic to thank for that.

Aged 31 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and after a routine laparoscopy I made the decision to have both my fallopian tubes removed due to them being severely infected. My infection could potentially spread to my womb, compromising any future pregnancy. The Lister Fertility Clinic was recommended to me by my doctor, and after a first appointment I immediately felt I was in good hands. I started treatment in August 2011 and my daughter who is now 5, was born after a first successful round in May 2012.

I was delighted the treatment had worked first time round. However we were unlucky when it came to conceiving a second time, we’d had 3 unsuccessful transfers, some fresh, some frozen. We were beginning to lose hope but agreed we’d do one last round, and our doctor also suggested an endometrial scratch (a simple procedure to prepare the womb lining), which can prove successful for some women.

And it did. We’d collected 16 eggs, had 3 beautiful blastocysts, decided to transfer 2 and freeze 1.

Our second daughter was born in November 2015.

Having a frozen embryo stored at the clinic felt a little bit like a child waiting to be collected from school! So it felt very natural for us to give it a shot. In January 2017 we thawed and transferred the embryo and we were absolutely thrilled to discover I was pregnant! Our third daughter was born October 2017.

I would advise anyone who is desperate for a family to at least visit the Clinic. It is a very personal choice, but throughout every treatment there, over a period of 5 years, I felt every single nurse, embryologist, medic and admin staff cared about our outcome. When it didn't work, they tried to investigate why, and what to change next time. Their approach is realistic, but hopeful.

Forever grateful to them and to their continued advances in science for giving us our family.



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