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Ten cycles of IVF

"Thorough and brilliant care reversed our fortunes and made our dream come true"

"Initially I was reserved when approaching The Lister Fertility Clinic. My husband and I had undertaken an incredible nine rounds of IVF at our local fertility clinic, which had been fantastic with us, and so supportive. Our story goes back five years when my low ovarian reserve was diagnosed, indicating that I couldn’t become pregnant. My cousin became my egg donor and so our journey began.

Our local specialist had decided to refer us to Mr Nicopoullos for a second opinion: we were now on the point of giving up as each round of IVF had failed. Fortunately, our consultation with James Nicopoullos offered new hope and an opportunity of another chance with the aid of the IMSI microscope. We were also advised to try an endometrial scratch biopsy before undertaking a further cycle of IVF.

Any misconceptions regarding The Lister Fertility Clinic were completely unfounded; Mr Nicopoullos was amazing, his approach was scientific but understanding and honest. His accommodating approach made us feel that we were the only patients in the hospital.

He was also brilliant with my cousin, who continued with egg donation down in Bath, and my husband. The Lister Fertility Clinic dealt amazingly well in communicating with my cousin at the Bath clinic: we were able to utilise the expertise of The Lister without needing lots of trips to London.

Empathy was not exclusive: the entire fertility department were accommodating as they really looked out for us and were not at all impersonal.

The nursing staff in particular were incredibly understanding and supportive. I felt that everyone concerned really understood what we were going through and made the process as relaxing as it could possibly be, given the circumstances.

Happily, our first cycle at The Lister Fertility Clinic was successful and resulted in the birth of our daughter, who was born in August 2013. At my lowest ebb, when the probability of motherhood felt so unlikely, the thorough and brilliant care that I received at The Lister Fertility Clinic reversed our fortunes and made our dream come true. Thank you for everything."

Mrs P Anon, Hove

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