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Single mum, 42, sperm donor

“Never give up hope: aged 42 I gave birth to twins!”

Ms F delivered a healthy baby boy and girl in March 2014. All are doing well.

“At 40, and having split from my partner the previous year, the thought of having children of my own was a dream that remained elusive. My career up until this point had always kept me busy but I knew that as I entered my ‘40s, I was approaching my last chance at achieving motherhood. With this in mind I made the decision to undertake IVF as a single mother using a sperm donor.

I initially approached another central London clinic whereupon I discovered that I had a low AMH (Anti - Mullerian Hormone) indicating poor ovarian reserve. However, the negative attitude of the staff at my predicament led me to an online search where I discovered Dr Jaya Parikh. The consultation, which took place in December 2011, was in marked contrast to the other clinic. The personal attention given to me by Dr Parikh made a real difference, and struck the right balance between positivity and realism.

I was advised to proceed with a cycle of IVF, using my own eggs with a sperm donor. After my first attempt, I became pregnant in August 2012 but at the seven week scan I was devastated to discover no foetal heartbeat: I miscarried shortly after. Bitterly disappointed, I undertook a further two cycles of IVF but again miscarried. It was at this point that I seriously wondered on both occasions whether or not to persevere, especially in view of my low AMH. I also considered egg donation as a further option.

After consulting Dr Parikh however, I decided to try one more time and in June 2013 I began my fourth, and final, round of IVF. I had decided that this was to be my last attempt. Only two eggs were harvested at egg collection but both of these fertilised and the two embryos were implanted. Again I became pregnant.

At my seven week scan, I was amazed to see two sacs and two beating hearts! My pregnancy progressed and to say the least I was incredibly emotional at the prospect of being pregnant with twins. The support I received from all the staff at The Lister Fertility Clinic was fundamental in what had been - until that point - a very difficult process. The IVF nurses were always so positive, and very responsive to my needs. The sonographers, Liz and Jaliah, were exceptional.

I was almost 42 when my twins were born. Despite my age and low AMH I didn’t give up. There were times when I thought motherhood would never be possible but thanks to the encouragement of Dr Parikh, Mr Faris and the team I was given the encouragement to carry on and achieve, what seemed at times, the unachievable. When I look down now at my two healthy thriving babies, I feel absolute joy.”

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