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Secondary infertility

“The Lister Fertility Clinic has given us great emotional support”

"We already have a little boy and naturally thought conceiving our second, shortly after I turned 34, would be uncomplicated. Although managing to fall pregnant, I miscarried at seven weeks and after a further period of trying we sought advice from a local fertility clinic. After a series of blood tests we were advised to take DHEA for three months before commencing IVF. At the end of the three month period, we arrived at the clinic for routine blood tests. Upon receiving the results we were told that my FSH had risen from 12.5 to 32 since my initial visit and we were not eligible for treatment. I was absolutely distraught after this call; the clinic was cold, harsh and I felt undervalued.

We were never warned that we could be refused treatment. It was then that I contacted The Lister Fertility Clinic as I had heard that they did not discriminate against patients according to FSH or AMH level and would give couples a chance.Our first meeting with Dr Alison Taylor gave us hope. I have never wanted to give up. It has been the hardest thing I have ever had to endure but the goal has never changed and never will. Our feet have been kept firmly on the ground but the realistic optimism from our IVF nurse Liv has always made me feel listened to and supported. I often had queries, both big and small, and these were always answered promptly either by Alison or the lovely IVF nurses. At the moment we have completed a single cycle of IVF which unfortunately failed after embryo transfer. The staff we met, for both the egg collection and embryo transfer, were all so kind and hopeful for us.

I really remember the genuine excitement of the consultant telling me that they had managed to get two eggs (we only expected one) when I came round from the procedure.It was these moments that I valued the most.We are just about to start our second IVF cycle at The Lister Fertility Clinic and are keeping our fingers crossed. The Lister has provided us with great emotional support (and the opportunity of counselling is incredibly reassuring). All of our decisions have been made within a very supportive environment. The Lister strikes the right balance between being optimistic and hopeful but also ever aware that there are no guarantees. This is something that other clinics have failed to achieve but where The Lister Fertility clinic excels."

Ms H Anon

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