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Nine IVF cycles

"The entire process of IVF is daunting but my time spent at the Lister was always pleasant"

"My IVF journey began in 2000 a year after getting married. We had been hoping that I would fall pregnant easily but nothing seemed to be happening. With both of us working full time and either one or both of us frequently away on business we just put it down to lifestyle and the stresses of work. So after much debating, disappointment and orchestrated 'baby making', we researched infertility and decided that I should be investigated, my husband’s fertility having previously been deemed sufficient. We researched clinics and the results for The Lister Fertility Clinic were far superior, plus we lived In Clapham so logistically it was favourable. During the unfamiliar and unknown early cycles of IVF I really wondered if it was all worth it, especially considering the expense each time and the emotional stress we both experienced. However, on the fourth cycle I became pregnant.

Sadly we had to endure a very traumatic scan when all of our dreams and hopes were shattered: it was discovered that the pregnancy was ectopic, which unfortunately resulted in the loss of a fallopian tube. I think many would have given up at that point but something inside me drew upon the positive....I HAD BECOME PREGNANT....and if I had done it once I could do it again and just hope it wasn't another ectopic! So I was more determined than ever.

In total I underwent nine fresh attempts at IVF, one IUI and one frozen embryo transfer. I had two miscarriages before FINALLY having a successful pregnancy with the ninth cycle that included PGS (Pre-implantation Genetic Screening). Our son Gabriel was born on the 31 December 2004. I fell pregnant naturally and rather quickly after the birth of Gabriel and my daughter Sofia was born just 14 months after on 7 February 2006.

Finally I miraculously became pregnant for a third time with a frozen embryo that resulted in my son Fernando’s birth on 7 October 2008.

My time spent at the Lister Fertility Clinic was always pleasant. I have never had any reason to approach another fertility clinic; the Lister has been fantastic, and as such I have recommended it to friends. One such recommendation has resulted in a friend having twins! I found the team of nurses, doctors, sonographers, pharmacists and administrators very supportive, friendly, reliable and always informative. I never doubted what I had to do and knew that I could call upon them if I was worried or needed clarification. Whilst the entire process of IVF is daunting and sometimes undignified I never dreaded my time at the Lister, far from it!”

Ms Karen de Yermo, London

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