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"The Lister Fertility Clinic responded so well to my wife"

Mrs H gave birth to a son in March 2014.

"My wife and I had been trying to conceive for three years without success. At only 34, we had no apparent reason to explain our infertility. Becoming increasingly frustrated, we tried everything to boost our own fertility: we cut out alcohol, gave up smoking, ate healthily and adopted a fitness regime into our schedules.

To no avail, we turned instead to our local fertility clinic: one of our friends had undergone IVF with success, and so this was the route that we also chose. Investigative tests showed that my sperm samples were good; my wife was also healthy although her AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) levels were on the low side. We were simply deemed as having ‘unexplained infertility’.

And so began our first cycle of IVF. Although we had two good embryos implanted, sadly my wife didn’t become pregnant. We tried again but our second cycle was unsuccessful. Naturally we felt like giving up after the second failed cycle as it was such an emotional and physical strain on my wife.

But the worst was yet to come: we were told quite bluntly not to bother trying another round of IVF as the chance of success was so small. But we were only 34 years old and apart from the low AMH there was still no other reason for not getting pregnant. It just didn’t make sense and seemed futile in pursuing our dream in an environment which was becoming increasingly unsupportive.

I had to talk my wife in to giving it one last chance! After the necessary research we chose The Lister Fertility Clinic, which we found through various fertility forums and by word of mouth. It came highly recommended, and because they specialise in women with low AMH levels was of particular benefit and interest to us. Our time at the Lister was a complete change, and a good one, from our previous clinic, which was far less superior by comparison. From the moment we went to an open evening and met Dr James Nicopoullos, we knew it was right to try again. James discussed options with us and explained in far more detail the situation regarding our low AMH and ways to counter this, and most importantly gave us hope.

Even if it did not work this time we felt we were giving it a really good chance, backed up with the amazing staff at the Lister, who were available at any time on the phone to answer our queries or worries. Compared to our previous clinic, who I think were more worried about their statistics than caring about a couple’s chances of conceiving, the Lister offered far more support. I personally felt the other clinic took our money and went through the motions, but when we needed help or were worried the support wasn’t available.

The Lister Fertility Clinic is far more proactive, responding to how my wife was and checking things that the previous clinic hadn’t acted upon.

I would recommend the Lister to anyone who is thinking about making the big decision of having IVF treatment. If we had listened to our previous clinic and given up after the second attempt we would not now have our gorgeous healthy and happy son to complete us as a family. We cannot thank the wonderful staff at the Lister enough; you made our dreams come true."

Mr M and Mrs H, Hampshire

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