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“IVF is one big emotional rollercoaster, but it is made so much smoother when you find the right clinic”

"The Lister Fertility Clinic was recommended to us by a very good friend. I had heard great things from a few people and felt like we needed a fresh start: the other London-based clinic where we had begun our IVF journey didn’t have much faith in us getting a successful outcome. Having two failed IVF cycles behind me, coupled with unsatisfactory blood test results, I started to feel I just wasn’t capable of getting pregnant. Additionally, I was told that I was unlikely to get pregnant - but there was still a small chance.

Upon arrival at The Lister Fertility Clinic, I will never forget our first consultation with James Nicopoullos. We walked in feeling downhearted and were naturally really worried that there was no hope for us. James was so kind and gave us so much more information than we had been given elsewhere.

We walked out of the appointment beaming and feeling like we were back in with a chance. The differences were incomparable! We felt special at the Lister as they listened to our personal needs and tailored the treatment especially for us. In other places you can sometimes feel a bit like numbers, rather than humans trying to achieve the most special thing in life.

When our first (frozen) IVF cycle at the Lister failed, we were understandably very sad. Just two days later we got a call to say we had been selected for the free cycle that I had applied to in case the FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) didn’t work. It was one of the best feelings of my life and we went into that cycle feeling really positive again. After all the different treatments we had been through, we couldn’t believe that our first fresh cycle at the Lister resulted in a pregnancy.

I honestly can’t explain the gratitude we both feel towards The Lister Fertility Clinic and every single person working there. From the welcoming smiles at reception to the comfortable waiting room, the egg collection procedure felt like a day at a 5* hotel.

Every doctor and nurse we met went beyond the call of duty to make us feel so special and give us all the information we needed, as well as so much hope.

It is still early days but whether this works out or not, I know we will get there in the end. I cannot recommend The Lister Fertility Clinic enough to anyone who needs fertility support. It’s vital that the Lister offers free counselling as the IVF process can be very tough emotionally.

Even more so, it is the emotional support offered by every single IVF nurse, doctor and even the kindness in the tone of the embryologists who call you to let you know if anything fertilised. IVF is one big emotional rollercoaster but it is made so much smoother when you find the right clinic.

We have the best team ever. The Lister Fertility Clinic - thank you!"

Mrs Anon

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