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IVF aged 42

"If it wasn’t for The Lister Fertility Clinic we wouldn’t have our beautiful twins"

A healthy boy and girl born in February 2014

“I was 40 before I considered having children, and one year into trying unsuccessfully for a baby my husband and I decided to consider IVF. Several tests proved inconclusive and so we began to research lots of different fertility clinics with a view to researching success rates compatible with my age group. We heard good reports about The Lister Fertility Clinic from several friends and so decided to go along to an open day. Mr James Nicopoullos conducted the presentation at the open evening where he explained the whole process really clearly and, most importantly for us, we felt very comfortable with him. After the open evening we booked a consultation with Mr Nicopoullos, who talked through our situation and evaluated our options and potential success rates.

After the consultation there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that if we were going to do IVF then we would do so at The Lister Fertility Clinic. And so we began our first cycle of IVF. It felt like we were on an emotional rollercoaster. One day when going for one of my scans I knew I was ready to burst into tears (for no reason, it was purely hormonal), and as soon as I stepped into Dr Parikh’s room the flood gates opened. Dr Parikh was so supportive and said such nice things to me that I came out of her room smiling. All the nurses were great and happily talked me through events whenever I was unsure of anything. Our first cycle failed and we were absolutely devastated. I felt completely let down as we viewed IVF as the solution to our problem of not getting pregnant. Mr Nicopoullos assessed what we could change with our second cycle and so we went ahead with that a few months later, but unfortunately this was also unsuccessful.

After two failed attempts I felt like giving up; but what I realised is that with each disappointing cycle comes understanding, which means you can try and change things to improve your chances at the next attempt. We decided that our third cycle was to be our last. And with only five eggs collected, compared with 11-13 in our previous attempts, I was dubious of any success. But thank goodness we prevailed, as I became pregnant – with twins!

We owe everything to Mr Nicopoullos. If it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have our beautiful twins. It was also invaluable to have the free consultation follow-up appointment to talk through each failed IVF cycle. I felt like I was listened to at The Lister Fertility Clinic and that the treatment given was specific and appropriate to me. If ever I had any questions I was able to email Mr Nicopoullos and always received a quick response. He even offered to do my third egg collection on a day when he wasn’t operating. And he kept his word.”

Mrs F Anon, Worcestershire

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