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Free IVF Cycle with the Lister

"Without the Lister's generosity and expertise we would not have our amazing baby boy"

Before we heard about the Lister free cycles we had already had one full IVF cycle and 2 frozen embryo cycles, our fresh cycle resulted in a missed miscarriage while the frozen cycles both failed.

I was feeling pretty despondent at this point and doubted that we'd ever become parents. I knew of the Lister's reputation and when I heard they were offering a number of free cycles, I sent off my details to be considered. I never expected us to receive one of them, and was stunned when I received the letter telling me we'd been successful.

We travelled to the clinic and met our consultant and she suggested some changes compared to our previous cycle. I felt hopeful again.

The Lister monitor cycles much more closely than my previous clinic so I was at the clinic every other day for scans. The nurses and sonographers were excellent and explained everything to me, and I even had a phone call from the consultant mid cycle to discuss things.

As we live in the North West I decided to stay in London during the IVF cycle, fortunately it was in the summer so I was able to stay in university halls of residence cheaply! I made the most of my time in London and did some sightseeing and went to see a couple of shows when I wasn't at the clinic! My husband joined me the night before egg collection and we upgraded to a hotel near the clinic.

On egg collection day we were nervous but all the hospital staff were so lovely and put us at ease. Our fresh embryo transfer resulted in pregnancy but sadly I miscarried at 8 weeks.

We also had 2 frozen embryos from our Lister cycle and we had a follow up just before Christmas 2015 to discuss a frozen cycle. We however decided to have a break of a few months and then try again in the New Year.

For my frozen cycle the Lister worked with my natural cycle, I had to attend for scans so travelled to London for these. I was amazed and nervous when my frozen cycle was successful, but when we saw our baby's heartbeat at an early scan it was the most amazing feeling.

I'm writing this with my son asleep in my arms as we prepare for his first Christmas. I would encourage anyone considering entering the free cycle draw to go for it! Without the Lister's generosity and expertise we would not have our amazing baby boy and I cannot thank them enough.  The care I received was exceptional and I felt I was treated as Susan, not just another patient. The Lister gave us our family.

Susan and Garry

Find out more about the Lister's 2018 free IVF Cycle draw here

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