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2 failed ICSI's

"The Lister Fertility Clinic was one of very few clinics in the world where I had any chance of making my children"

“Prior to returning to the UK I had spent two years in New Zealand trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant while many of my friends seemed to effortlessly conceive. Investigations undertaken could reveal no reason for this and after seven cycles with Clomiphene at a reputable fertility clinic in Auckland, we were rewarded only with disappointment and heartache. It was clear at this stage that we needed to move on to IVF and the New Zealand Clinic recommended the Lister Fertility Clinic as the first choice option in the UK - this was definitely the best advice that they offered us! From our first consultation with Dr Jaya Parikh we felt the huge relief that comes from knowing you’re in the very best of hands. We had two failed cycles of ICSI (which the Lister quickly established we needed) with excellent embryos, before blood tests revealed a high likelihood that my very over-active immune system was subverting all our best efforts. We never lost hope despite those first few failed cycles because the team had a next-step plan in place for us at every stage.

As they carefully explained the odds of success and the various options open to us, the collaborative nature of decision-making helped us feel somewhat in control ; extremely helpful at a time when you can otherwise feel very helpless and out of control. I felt able to put my full confidence in their approach and therefore able to stay away from reading unregulated web pages advocating different protocols or interventions, which are guaranteed to leave you worried and overwhelmed. The next cycle that followed implemented cutting-edge immunosuppressive treatment, producing a very bouncy baby boy! With the 'recipe' sorted we had no trouble two years later with another round resulting in us having an equally bouncy baby girl, and subsequently the added joy of knowing that that cycle resulted in another family also having a little girl with my donated eggs from that cycle. It is very difficult for anyone who has not experienced the 'threat to your envisioned future' that infertility brings to understand the roller-coaster of emotions that this journey entails. I appreciated that psychological support was available if needed, and the value of this was recognised, but I also respected that clinical staff focused primarily on providing care of the highest quality. This was executed professionally but warmly, with staff projecting a genuine desire for your success, doing so through their expertise.

I feel this focus on 'getting on with the job' from nurses and consultants, and the subsequent separation of delivering treatment and psychological support, provided me with a strong emotional foundation. This was in sharp contrast to the well-intentioned but less informed approach at our previous clinic.

I valued the warmth, empathy and patient-centred approach at the Lister Fertility Clinic, where I felt a genuine compassionate commitment to helping you get your result, but without compromising your health and well-being. Most of all I valued the commitment to innovation in treatment; meaning that the Lister was one of the very few centre’s in the world where I had any chance of making the divine little people who now light-up my world. I feel enormous warmth and gratitude to the team; and we regularly make a little detour to show the children, now aged 3 and 5 years respectively, where they were 'made' and sometimes pop in for a cuddle from the wonderful Jaya, who will forever remain on my Christmas card list!”

Dr Morwenna Opie-Moran

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