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Dr Hani Daabis

Fertility Consultant

Dr Hani Daabis is Fertility Consultant at Lister Fertility Clinic, part of HCA Healthcare UK from August 2017. Dr Daabis is Accredited Trainer by the British Fertility Society in Four Modules and Revalidated Licensed Specialist by the UK General Medical Council. Dr Daabis is a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, was granted Specialist Master’s Degree from Alexandria University and achieved Honours Degree and Silver Medal at the Medical Finals 1986. 

Dr Daabis is the first author of ‘Fertility in Women' in ‘Handbook of diet and nutrition in the menstrual cycle, periconception and fertility'. Dr Daabis was Expert speaker at the Fertility Show (London 2014), presented online commentaries and submitted a practical Thesis to University.

Dr Daabis was trained at Coventry and Warwickshire University Hospital. Before joining the Lister Fertility Clinic he has worked as a Fertility and Gynaecology Consultant, Educational Supervisor and Lead for Clinical Governance at a number of leading UK fertility clinics.

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