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The counselling service is a free, independent and confidential service for all patients attending The Lister Fertility Clinic for treatment. Individuals and couples can make an appointment to see a Fertility Counsellor before, during and after treatment. Those who choose to see a counsellor will be offered the opportunity to explore challenging or stressful issues within a secure and confidential environment. The counselling suite is situated within the clinic and appointments can be booked with the medical secretaries on tel. 020 7881 4087 / 2000.

A message from the counselling team

Here at the Lister Fertility Clinic we believe that having counselling benefits patients' emotional and psychological health and wellbeing both during treatment and beyond.

Research reassures that stress and anxiety won’t impact on the outcome of assisted conception treatment (Boivin2011) but we recognise how difficult it is to cope with the emotional and psychological distress experienced routinely during fertility treatment which at times can feel overwhelming. Research has shown that 90% of fertility patients experience symptoms of depression or anxiety relating to their fertility problems. (Fertility Network UK 2016). At times, patients may also experience feelings of low mood, anger, grief and/or jealousy. Supporting your psychological and emotional health on your fertility journey can help you to overcome difficult feelings and develop coping skills to manage the treatment process in a more empowered way. It can also support you in exploring the implications when considering your treatment choices.

We look forward to meeting with you and supporting you on your fertility journey.

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